The Adelaide Advertiser September 17, 2015

GOURMET Polish dumplings, spice blends for world cuisines and a multi-beverage range of coffee machine pods are among the products of new businesses vying for the title of South Australia’s favourite food company.

Little-known food names Rubyspice, Eurogi and Podista are among the top 20 contenders in the consumer award in the South Australian Food Industry Awards Program.

Rubyspice draws on owner Jackie Singh’s rich family heritage and knowledge in Indian, French, Sri Lankan, Spanish and Burmese cuisines to create a range of exclusive spice blends for world cuisines.

Podista, created by Toby Strong and business partner Toby Bensimon, uses the world’s first multi-beverage range of pods to change the way Nespresso coffee machines can be used.

Eurogi is the brainchild of Joanna Prokopowicz, who produces a range of Pierogi traditional gourmet Polish dumplings, using culinary skills honed down through the generations by her family.

Mrs Prokopowicz said that after migrating to South Australia from Poland, she quickly realised the traditional Polish gourmet food was not widely available, nor was it recognised.